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Provenance that is 100% supported by math!

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Provenance that is 100% supported by math!

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You can download our 120-Page RESEARCH DOCUMENT which delivers the fascinating historical details about

the Talisman of Napoleon.


While provenance is used as the traditional method to authenticate an artifact, the Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte was authenticated by using mathematics based upon a Probability Analysis utilizing 27 key research factors that yields a 0% chance of the Talisman being something other than what the evidence indicates that it is---the Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte. Thus, the Probability Analysis is mathematically impossible to discredit or disprove.  


It is also supported by a credible legal opinion that states: we can "prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to the satisfaction of a court that the Talisman was made for Napoleon.”


With over six years of dedicated global research, G. Randall Jensen, one of the world’s top experts in the valuation of antique golf clubs and the current owner of the Talisman, has assembled indisputable mathematical evidence that authenticates the Talisman of Napoleon.  As a hard science, mathematics, while seldom used in art verification, is a strong component of any good business and an essential cornerstone of the banking and finance industries.

The Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte 

An Authentic and Priceless Piece of History 

Pieter Hegeman, of Pennsylvania, USA, states that his deceased father, a landscape gardener dug this item up at a depth of about 15 feet near Noordwijk, Netherlands when he was a teenager (born 1922). Noordwijk borders Amsterdam on the North where the Royal Palace was occupied by Napoleon’s brother, Louis Napoleon, and Josephine’s daughter, Hortense, from 1808 - 1810. 

The piece, once owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, is “priceless.” – Dr. Lori Verderam

 Dr. Lori Verderam is an award-winning TV personality and TV talk show host with a Ph.D. in art history. She is the star antiques appraiser on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and FOX Business Network. 

OWNER: G. Randall Jensen 

Mr. Jensen, a member of MENSA, acquired the piece from Mr. Hegeman. After six years of research, meeting with scholars around the world and having the work authenticated, he realized the Talisman was encoded with messages. 

For the first time in the modern era using highly sophisticated scientific methodology, including probability analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis, we can prove to the satisfaction of a court of law that a previously unknown artifact is, indeed, the Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte. Mr. Jensen is now prepared to sell this very rare artifact. 



Expressed as a percentage, the possibility that this artifact is something other than the Talisman of Napoleon is less than 0.00000000000000000001%. In other words, it can be mathematically proven that the Talisman of Napoleon has a 0% chance of being something other than what the evidence indicates that it is. This mathematical evidence of certainty is legally considered to be admissible evidence by judges in courts of law in the USA and other countries throughout the world. 

By: Dr. Shih-Chuan Cheng Professor, Department of Mathematics 

Creighton University, Omaha NE 68178 


“After reading Mr. Jensen’s full paper on this subject and independently researching his key findings, it is my legal opinion that the facts enumerated above would provide a court of law with the necessary evidence to find that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, mathematical certainty has replaced the need for provenance to authenticate an antiquity and that this item is, indeed, the Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte. “








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